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Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control

English Chinese
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, FCTC 世界衛生組織菸草控制框架公約
World Health Organization, WHO 世界衛生組織
World Health Assembly, WHA 世界衛生大會
Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act 菸害防制法
The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act 菸酒管理法
Tobacco Control Project 菸害防制計畫
Tobacco Control 菸害防制
Tobacco Health and Welfare Surcharges 菸品健康福利捐
Tobacco Tax 菸稅
Tobacco Litigation 菸害訴訟
Tobacco Prices 菸價
Tobacco Products Testing 菸品檢測
Tobacco Products 菸草製品
Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products 菸品非法貿易
Inspection And Enforcement for the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act 菸害防制法稽查及執行
Labeling of Tobacco Products 菸品標示
Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Packages 菸盒警示圖文
Complaints on Tobacco Hazards 菸害申訴
Complaints on Tobacco Hazards Hotline 菸害申訴專線
Smoking-free Areas 禁菸區
Authorized Advertisements 授權廣告
Cigarettes 捲菸
Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, ENDS 電子尼古丁傳送系統
Electronic Non-nicotine Delivery Systems (ENNDS) 電子非尼古丁傳送系統
Electronic Cigarette, E-cigarette 電子煙
Flavored Cigarette 加味菸
Named Sponsorship 冠名贊助

Smoking Cessation Services

English Chinese
Smoking Cessation 戒菸
Smoking Cessation Services 戒菸服務
Multiple Smoking-Cessation Counseling Service 多元化戒菸服務
Smokers' Helpline 戒菸專線
Smoking Cessation Courses 戒菸班
Second Generation Smoking Cessation Service 二代戒菸服務
Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Nrt 尼古丁替代療法
Nicotine Lozenge 尼古丁嚼錠
Nicotine Patch 尼古丁貼片
Nicotine Gum 尼古丁口香糖
Nicotine 尼古丁
Inhaler 吸入劑
Withdrawal Symptoms 戒斷症狀
Outpatient Smoking Cessation Services 門診戒菸

Smoke-free Environment

English Chinese
Tobacco Hazard 菸害
Second-hand Smoke, SHS 二手菸
Third-hand Smoke 三手菸
Non-smoking Places 禁菸場所
Non-smoking Area, No Smoking Area 禁菸區
Smoke-free Area 無菸區
Smoke-free Environment 無菸環境
Smoke-free Campus 無菸校園
Tobacco-free Hospitals 無菸醫院
Smoke-free Family 無菸家庭
Smoke-free Life 無菸生活
Tobacco-free Home 3D Gamebook 無菸的家立體遊戲書
Anti-tobacco-marketing Programs 反菸品行銷計畫
World No Tobacco Day 世界無菸日
Project for Tobacco Control Work in Youth Group Area 年輕族群場域菸害防制工作計畫
Campus Tobacco Hazards Prevention Program 校園菸害防制計畫
Global Network for Tobacco-free Healthcare Services 全球無菸健康照護服務網絡

Research, Development and Monitoring

English Chinese
Research, Development and Monitoring 研究發展與監測
Global Health Professionals Survey, GHPS 全球衛生專業人員吸菸調查
Global School Personnel Survey, GSPS 全球學校教職員吸菸調查
Global Tobacco Surveillance System, GTSS 全球吸菸監測系統
Long-Term Smoking Behavior Monitoring System 長期吸菸行為監測系統
Adult Smoking Behavior Survey, ASBS 成人吸菸行為調查
Global Youth Tobacco Survey, GYTS 全球青少年吸菸行為調查
Tobacco Product Testing and Research Program 菸品檢測暨研究發展計畫
Tobacco Information Declaration System 菸品資料申報系統
Smoking Rate 吸菸率
Smoking-cessation Rate 戒菸率
The Smoking Rate of Adults above the Age of 18 18歲以上人口吸菸率

Human Resource Training

English Chinese
Human Resource Training 人力培育
Health Education 衛生教育
Human Resource Training And International Cooperation 人力培育與國際交流合作
County/City Tobacco Hazards Exchange Workshop 縣市菸害防制交流工作坊

Tobacco Control Policy and Promotion Committee of Ministry of Health and Welfare

English Chinese
Tobacco Control Policy and Promotion Committee of Ministry of Health and Welfare 衛生福利部菸害防制策進會設置要點
Tobacco Control Policy and Promotion Committee 菸害防制策進會
Cross-department 跨部會
Convenor 召集人
Minister 部長
Deputy Minister 次長
Commissioner 委員
Task Force 工作小組
Director General 署長
Executive Secretary 執行秘書