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Cancer prevention and control

Cancer prevention and control

English Chinese
Cancer prevention and control 癌症防治
Cancer control Act 癌症防治法
Cancer advocacy 癌症宣導
Prevention of health hazards on betel quid chewing 檳榔健康危害防制
Cancer screening 癌症篩檢
Cancer Care Quality 癌症診療品質
Cancer Hospice and palliative care 癌症安寧療護
Cancer Patient Support Services 癌症病友服務
Cancer database 癌症資料庫
Cancer research 癌症研究
International cooperation 國際合作

Principle of Cervical Pathology Diagnostic Unit Certification

English Chinese
Cervical Pathology 子宮頸細胞病理
National Health Insurance 全民健保
Ministry of Health and Welfare 衛生福利部
Pap Smear 抹片
Disease Diagnosis and Treatment 疾病診療
Diagnostic Unit 診斷單位
Health Prevention 預防保健
Certificate Approval Committee 認證審查小組

Introduction to Cancer Control Center's service

English Chinese
Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare 國民健康署
Cancer Care Quality Team 癌症醫療品質小組
Cancer Center / Medical Institution of Cancer Control 癌症防治中心/ 癌症防治醫療機構
Cancer Staging 癌症期別
Clinical Paths 臨床路徑
Diagnosis and Treatment Database 診療資料庫
Cancer Multidisciplinary Team 多專科團隊
Cancer Prevention Educational Propaganda 癌症預防教育宣導
Regulations for Cancer Care Quality Assurance Measures 癌症診療品質保證措施準則
Therapeutic Guildlines Clinical Practice Guidelines 治療指引

Principles for the Certification of Mammography Medical Institutions of Preventive Health Care

English Chinese
Interpretation of mammography 乳房X光攝影判讀
Calibration 校正
Medical certified organization for mammography 乳房X光醫療機構認證
Clinical Image Evaluation 臨床影像評估
Half-Value Layer Measurement 半值層測量
Phatom Image Analysis 假體影像分析
Screening Mammography 乳房X光攝影篩檢
Mammographic Technologist 乳房X光攝影放射師
Mammography 乳房X光攝影
Average radiation dose of mammary gland 平均乳腺輻射劑量

Principle of Cervical Smear Technician Training Institution Certification

English Chinese
Cervical Smear 子宮頸抹片
Cytological Pathology 細胞病理
Pathological and Medical Institution 病理醫療機構
Surgical Pathology 外科病理

Regulations for Cancer Care Quality Assurance Measures

English Chinese
Colposcopy 陰道鏡
Cytotoxic Substance 細胞毒性物質
drug information 藥物諮詢
Health Education 衛教
Home Care 居家服務 / 居家護理
Immunodeficient Disorder 免疫不全
Intravenous administration 點滴注射
Medical Institution of Cancer Control 癌症防治醫療機構
Oncology Nursing 腫瘤護理
Pain Control 疼痛控制
Pathology Unit 病理單位
Psychological Counseling 心理諮商
Radiation Protection 輻射線防護
Radiotherapy Unit 放射治療單位
Referral System 轉介系統
Regulations for Cancer Care Quality Assurance Measures 癌症診療品質保證措施準則
Rehabilitation 復健
Social Work 社工
Spiritual Care 靈性照顧
Standard Operational Procedure 標準作業流程

Cancer Registry

English Chinese
Accidents and Injury 事故傷害
Acute Infectious Diseases 急性傳染病
Age-Standardized Incidence Rate 年齡標準發生率
Bladder Cancer 膀胱癌
Breast Cancer 乳癌
Colon and rectum, rectosigmoid junction and anus 結直腸癌
Cancer of the oral cavity, oropharynx and hypopharynx 口腔癌
Cancer of the Uterus 子宮體癌
Cancer Registry 癌症登記
Cervical Cancer 子宮頸癌
Chronic Diseases 慢性疾病
Crude Cancer Incidence Rate 癌症粗發生率
Mortality Rate 死亡率
Epidemiology 流行病學
Esophagus Cancer 食道癌
Stomach Cancer 胃癌
Carcinoma In Situ 原位癌
Invasive Cancer 侵襲癌
Liver and mtra-hepatic bile duct cancer 肝癌
Lung, trachea and bronchus cancer 肺癌
Nasopharynx cancer 鼻咽癌
Taiwan cancer registration system 台灣癌症登記系統
Prostate Cancer 攝護腺癌
Skin Cancer 皮膚癌
Thyroid Cancer 甲狀腺癌

Betel Quid health hazards advocacy

English Chinese
Arecaidine 檳榔鹼
Arecoline 檳榔素
betel nut 檳榔子
betel palm 檳榔
betel quid 嚼塊
biopsy 切片檢查
bittern 糖石灰熬劑
blister 水泡
cassia oil 桂汁油
catechu 兒茶
cheek bone 顴骨
clove 丁香
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan 農委會
dental crown 牙冠
Ministry of Health and Welfare 衛生福利部
Department of Land Administration, M.O.I. 內政部地政司
The Department of Social Assistance and Social Work, MOHW 社會救助及社工司
diabetes 糖尿病
Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan 環保署
epithelium 上皮
Eugenol 丁香酚
inflorescence of piper betel linn 荖花(藤)
isoeugenol 異丁香酚
masticatory muscle 咬合肌肉
Materia Medica 本草綱目
Mecca 麥加
metabolic syndrome 代謝症候群
methyl eugenol 丁香酚甲酯
Ministry of Economic Affairs 經濟部
Ministry of Finance 財政部
Ministry of National Defense 國防部
Ministry of the Interior 內政部
mouth floor 口底
Ministry of Science and Technology 科技部
Nephrology 腎臟學
Oral Epithelium 口腔上皮
periodontosis 牙周病
plaque 牙菌斑
Polyphenol 多酚類
Safrole 黃樟素
Sanskrit 梵文
slaked lime 熟石灰
Squamous cell carcinoma 鱗狀細胞癌
stem of piper betel linn 硬荖藤
Strait of Malacca 麻六甲海峽
Betel pepper 荖葉
Temporomandibular joint 顳顎關節
Verrucous carcinoma 疣狀癌
weathering 風化
Yemen 葉門
Zanzibar 尚吉巴

Frequently asked questions about cancer prevention

English Chinese
Cervical Cancer 子宮頸癌
Fecal occult blood test 糞便潛血
Histopathology 組織病理
Classification or Differentiation 分級或分化

Be Aware of Cervical Cancer

English Chinese
incidence rate 發生率
human papillomavirus (HPV) 人類乳突病毒
vagina 陰道
vaginal suppository 塞劑
biopsy 切片檢查
discharge 分泌物
condom 保險套

Mammography Promotional Leaflet

English Chinese
Screening mammography/ mammogram 乳房攝影
mammography screening for brase cancer 乳房攝影篩檢
breast ultrasound 乳房超音波
fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) 細針抽吸細胞
Tissue biopsy 組織切片

A Healthy Lifetime You Are Beautiful

English Chinese
cervical cancer 子宮頸癌
human papilloma virus 人類乳突病毒
condom 保險套
endometrial cancer 子宮內膜癌
hormone supplements 賀爾蒙補充劑
invasive cancer of the cervix 子宮頸侵襲癌
sexual intercourse 性交
douche 沖洗陰道
pessary 塞劑
Pap smear 子宮抹片
Pap smear 子宮抹片檢查
routine screening 定期檢查

National Cancer Prevention & Control 5-Year Program – Operational Strategies & Methods

English Chinese
Cancer Prevention & Control 癌症防治
clinical governance 診療管理
Hospice and Palliative Care 安寧緩和療護
Central Cancer Prevention & Control Conference 中央癌症防治會報
Cancer Prevention & Control Policy Commission 癌症防治政策委員會
National Health Research Institutes 國家衛生研究院
public health departments' People Friendly System 衛生局便民系統
National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) 國民健康資訊基礎架構
Armed Forces 國軍
Food and Drug Administration, MOHW 食品藥物管理署
cancer burden indicator 癌症負擔指標
oral mucosa 口腔黏膜
Cancer Control Act 癌症防治法
Regulations for Cancer Care Quality Assurance Measures 癌症診療品質保證措施準則
Self-Assessment Form on Cancer Care Quality 癌症品質提升自我評估表
Advace Care Planning 預防醫療照護診療
Method for Registering Cancer Control Data by Medical Institutions 醫療機構申報癌症防治資料作業辦法
Taiwan's Health Promotion Survey on People's Knowledge, Attitudes and Actions 台灣地區國民健康促進知識、態度與行為調查
cancer registry annual report 癌症登記年報
secondary specialist certificate 次專科證明
The 2nd National Cancer Control Programme - Cancer Screening 第二期國家癌症防治計畫--癌症篩檢

Learn about cancer-primary prevention

English Chinese
Pharyngeal cancer 咽喉癌
esophageal cancer 食道癌
menopause 更年期
hormone 荷爾蒙
Human paipplomavirus (HPV) 人類乳突病毒
Hepatitis B B型肝炎
Hepatitis C C型肝炎
Jaundice 黃膽
Liver function test 肝功能檢查
Cervical Cancer 子宮頸癌
aflatoxin 黃麴毒素

Learn about cancer-secondary prevention

English Chinese
Screening 篩檢
Test 檢查
Pap smear 抹片檢查
hystectomy 子宮切除
vaginal suppository 陰道塞劑
menstrual cycle 月經
sexual activity 性行為
ovarian cancer 卵巢癌
endometrial cancer 子宮內膜癌
breast milk 母奶
adenomatous polyposis 大腸息肉症
Ulcerative Colitis 潰瘍性大腸炎
Ulcerative Colitis "潰瘍性結腸炎 (潰瘍性大腸炎與潰瘍性結腸炎兩者的英文名稱相同)"
Fecal occult blood test 糞便潛血檢查
positive results 陽性反應
Colonoscopy 大腸鏡檢查
hemorrhoid 痔瘡
pathological changes of mucosa or mucosal abnormalities 黏膜病變
alpha fetoprotein 胎兒球蛋白
abdominal ultrasound scan (ultrasonography) 腹部超音波
Mammography 乳房攝影
Colonoscopy 全大腸鏡
Rectal cancer 直腸癌
colorectal cancer 結腸直腸癌
constipation 便秘
anemia 貧血
blood in stool 血便

Learn about cancer-tertiary Prevention

English Chinese
chemotherapy 化學治療
radiotherapy 放射線治療
pharyngeal laryngeal ulcers radiotherapy
leucocytes 白血球
erythrocytes 紅血球
anemia 貧血
antihormonal antihormone therapy 抗荷爾蒙治療
endometrial cancer 子宮內膜癌
immunotherapy 免疫治療
targeted therapy 標靶療法
adverse reactions (side effects) (side) effects 副作用
intravenous infusion (injection) 靜脈注射
oral administration 口服
euthanasia (mercy killing) 安樂死
prostate cancer 前列腺癌

Memorabilia of Betel Quid Health Hazard

English Chinese
Prevention of health hazards on betel quid chewing 檳榔健康危害防制
Management Plan for the Control of Betel Quid Problem 檳榔問題管理方案
betel quid health tax 徵收檳榔健康捐
The Lost Smile 遺失的微笑
Quantitative Research 量性研究
The National Health Research Institutes 國家衛生研究院
inter-departmental 跨部會
Betel Quid Prevention Day 檳榔防制日
Oral Cancer Self-examination 口腔癌自我檢查
The 3-Year Community Program of Oral Cancer Screening 口腔癌社區到點篩檢服務3年計畫
National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 國民健康訪問調查
Self-Government Ordinance of Hygiene Management 衛生管理自治條例
Taipei City Betel Quid Self-Government Ordinance of Hygiene Management 台北市檳榔衛生管理自治條例
Health Promoting Schools 健康促進學校
indigenous peoples; indigenous tribes 原住民
The Five-Year Betel Quid & Oral Cancer Prevention Plan 檳榔暨口腔癌防治五年計畫
e-Learning Website; e-Teaching Network e化教學網
Prevention of health hazards on betel quid chewing 檳榔健康危害防制
Betel Quid and Oral Cancer Prevention Research Task Force 檳榔及口腔癌防治研究計畫工作小組
documentary 紀錄片
Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) 全球青少年吸菸行為調查
betel quid chewing rate over the age of 18 18歲以上人口嚼檳榔率

Cancer Registry Annual Report, 2018

English Chinese
Burkitt’s lymphoma Burkitt 氏淋巴瘤
Ewing’s sarcoma Ewing 氏肉瘤
Paget’s disease Paget 氏病
rectosigmoid junction 乙狀結腸連結部
hypopharynx 下咽
oropharynx 口咽
oral cavity 口腔
Large lymphocytic lymphoma 大淋巴球性惡性淋巴瘤
Large cell carcinoma 大細胞癌
Endometrial stromal sarcoma 子宮內膜基質肉瘤
Endometrioid adenocarcinoma 子宮內膜樣腺癌
Cervix uteri 子宮頸
Cervix Cancer Screening Registration System (CXR); Pap Smear Screening Registry System 子宮頸癌篩檢登記系統
Corpus uteri 子宮體
Small lymphocytic lymphoma 小淋巴球性惡性淋巴瘤
Small cell carcinoma 小細胞癌
Carcinoma of minor salivary glands 小唾液腺癌
Nodular sclerosis hodgkin lymphoma 小節硬化性何杰金氏淋巴瘤
Lobular carcinoma in situ 小葉原位癌
Endodermal sinus tumor (Yolk sac tumor) 內胚竇腫瘤
Differentiation 分化程度
Chemotherapy 化學藥物治療
Surgery 手術治療
bronchus 支氣管
Kaposi's sarcoma 卡波西氏肉瘤
Mantle Cell Lymphoma 被套細胞淋巴瘤
female external genitalia 女性生殖器官
Paget Disease of external genitalia 外陰部 Paget 氏病
Leiomyosarocma 平滑肌肉瘤
Carcinoma, undifferentiated 未分化癌
Glioma, NOS 非特定之神經膠質瘤
Carcinoma, NOS 非特定癌
genital organs 生殖器官
Thyroid gland 甲狀腺
Leukemia 白血病
Carcinoma of skin appendages 皮膚附件癌
Combined hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma 合併肝細胞癌和膽管癌
Glioblastoma multiforme 多形性神經膠母細胞瘤
Multiple myeloma 多發性骨髓瘤
multiple primary cancer 多發癌症
Age (median); Median Age 年齡中位數
Age-specific mortality rates 年齡別死亡率
Age-specific incidence rates 年齡別發生率
Age-standardized mortality rates 年齡標準化死亡率
Age-standardized incidence rates 年齡標準化發生率
Agniosarcoma 血管肉瘤
Hodgkin's Lymphoma 何杰金氏淋巴瘤
Immunotherapy 免疫治療
Ovary 卵巢
Intrahepatic bile ducts 肝內膽管
extrahepatic bile ducts 肝外膽管
Hepatoblastoma 肝母細胞瘤
Hepatocellular carcinoma 肝細胞癌
anus 肛門
Keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma 角化鱗狀細胞癌
Paget disease, mammary 乳房 Paget 氏病
Papillary carcinoma 乳頭狀癌
Other specified astrocytoma 其他特定之星形細胞瘤
Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor 周邊原始神經外胚層腫瘤
Sex cord-stromal tumors 性索間質細胞瘤
Behavior Code 性態碼
Radiotherapy 放射線治療
specified carcinoma 明示癌
Clear cell carcinoma 明亮細胞癌
rectum 直腸
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 非何杰金氏淋巴瘤
Non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma 非角化鱗狀細胞癌
Invasive Cancer 侵襲癌
Ependymoma 室管膜瘤
Acute myeloid leukemia 急性骨髓性白血病
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia 急性淋巴性白血病
Acute Monocytic Leukemia 急性單核球白血病
Astrocytoma 星形細胞瘤
Embryonic carcinoma 胚胎性癌
Germ cell tumor 生殖細胞瘤
Germ cell tumor and malignant teratoma 生殖細胞瘤及惡性畸胎瘤
Gastrointestinal stromal sarcoma(GIST) 胃腸基質瘤
Esophagus 食道
Carcinoma In Situ 原位癌
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor 原始性神經外胚層腫瘤
trachea 氣管
Bronchial gland carcinoma 氣管腺體癌
Infiltrating lobular carcinoma 浸潤性小葉癌
Infiltrating ductal carcinoma 浸潤性管道癌
Neuroendocrine carcinoma 神經內分泌癌
Neuroblastoma 神經母細胞瘤
Medulloblastoma 神經管芽細胞瘤
Liposarcoma 脂肪肉瘤
Islet cell carcinoma 胰島細胞癌
Chordoma 脊索瘤
Osteosarcoma 骨肉瘤
accessory sinuses 副竇
International Classification of Diseases for Oncology; ICD-O 國際疾病分類腫瘤學
International Agency for Research on Cancer; IARC 國際癌症研究總署
basal cell carcinoma 基底細胞癌
Lymphocyte depletion Hodgkin's disease 淋巴球缺乏性何杰金氏淋巴瘤
lymphoma 淋巴瘤
Mixed germ cell tumor 混合性生殖細胞瘤
Mixed cellularity Hodgkin's disease 混合細胞性何杰金氏淋巴瘤
Lacrimal gland carcinoma 淚腺癌
Transitional cell carcinoma 移行細胞癌
crude mortality rate (CMR) 粗死亡率
Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma 細支氣管肺泡癌
histologic type 組織形態
Hormone therapy 荷爾蒙治療
Chondrosarcoma 軟骨肉瘤
Lymphocyte Rich Classical Hodgkin's Lymphoma 富淋巴球性何杰金氏淋巴瘤
Malignant Müllerian mixed tumor 惡性Muller 氏管混合性腫瘤
Malignant Schwannoma 惡性Schwann氏細胞瘤
Malignant ameloblastoma 惡性成釉細胞瘤
Malignant astrocytoma 惡性星形細胞瘤
Malignant nerve sheath tumor ( including malignant Schwannoma ) 惡性神經鞘瘤(包含惡性 Schwann 氏細胞瘤)
Malignant thymoma and thymic carcinoma 惡性胸腺瘤及胸腺癌
Malignant choroid plexus papilloma 惡性脈絡叢乳頭瘤
Malignent giant cell tumor 惡性骨巨大細胞瘤
Malignant lymphoma 惡性淋巴瘤
Malignant mixed tumor 惡性混合性腫瘤
Malignant mesothelioma 惡性間皮瘤
Malignant melanoma 惡性黑色素瘤
Malignant pheochromocytoma 惡性嗜鉻細胞瘤
malignant teratoma 惡性畸胎瘤
Malignant meningioma 惡性腦膜瘤
Malignant phyllodes tumor 惡性葉狀腫瘤
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma 惡性纖維組織細胞瘤
Malignant fibrohistiocytoma and fibrosarcoma 惡性纖維組織細胞瘤和纖維肉瘤
Incidence Rate 發生率
Colon 結腸
Choriocarcinoma 絨毛膜癌
Adrenal cortical carcinoma 腎上腺皮質癌
nephroblastoma (wilms's tumor) 腎母細胞瘤
Renal cell carcinoma 腎細胞癌
Retinoblastoma 視網膜母細胞瘤
Percentage of Death Certificate Only Cases, DCO% 僅有死亡診斷的個案百分比
Esthesioneuroblastoma 感覺神經芽細胞瘤
Synovial sarcoma 滑膜肉瘤
Percentage of Morphologically Verified Cases, MV% 經形態學證實的個案百分比
peritoneum 腹膜
Adenosquamous carcinoma 腺性鱗狀癌
Acinar cell carcinoma 腺泡細胞癌
Adenoid cystic carcinoma 腺樣囊狀癌
Adenocarcinoma 腺癌
electronic media 電子媒體
Oligodendroglioma 寡樹突膠質細胞瘤
Chronic myeloid leukemia 慢性骨髓性白血病
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia 慢性淋巴性白血病
Intraductal carcinoma and lobular carcinoma in situ 腺管內癌及小葉原位癌
Intraductal carcinoma 腺管內癌
Seminoma 精細胞瘤
Bladder 膀胱
Nasopharynx 鼻咽
broad ligament 寬韌帶
Serous adenocarcinoma 漿液性腺癌
Plasma cell neoplasm 漿細胞瘤
Rhabdomyosarcoma 橫紋肌肉瘤
fallopian tube 輸卵管
Cancer Control Act 癌症防治法
Taiwan Cancer registry 癌症登記
cancer registration Manual 癌症登記工作手冊
Cancer Registry Advisory Board 癌症登記委年報員會
Cholangiocarcinoma 膽管癌
Mucinous adenocarcinoma 黏液性腺癌
mucoepidermoid carcinoma 黏液表皮樣癌
Malignant lymphoma, follicular 濾泡性惡性淋巴瘤
Follicular adenocarcinoma 濾泡性腺癌
articular cartilage 關節軟骨
Carcinoid tumor 類癌腫瘤
Prostate gland 攝護腺
Medullary carcinoma 髓質癌
Squamous cell carcinoma 鱗狀細胞癌

The confession of betel quid

English Chinese
Oral cancer 口腔癌
Oral Cancer Screening 口腔黏膜檢查
Oral Cavity Self Examinations 口腔自我檢查
areca nut 檳榔子
Betel quid 檳榔嚼塊
Chew betel nuts 嚼檳榔
Health 99 website; Health 99 Education Resource 健康九九衛生教育網
Non-Governmental Organization, NGOs 非政府間國際組織(民間及社區機構)
carcinogen 致癌物
additive 添加物
9 out of 10 oral cancer patients are belet chewers 十個口腔癌,九個哺檳榔

HPV and Vaccine-A Woman's Secret Diary

English Chinese
genital wart 生殖器疣(俗稱菜花)
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine 子宮頸癌疫苗
quadrivalent vaccine 四價疫苗
Gardasil 嘉喜
Cervarix 保蓓
precancerous lesion 癌前病變
bivalent vaccine 二價疫苗
bronchospasm 支氣管痙攣
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) 幼年型類風濕性關節炎
optic neuritis 視神經炎
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 多發性硬化症
Immunosuppressant 免疫抑制劑

“The Lost Smile”and other leaflet materials

English Chinese
Oral and maxillofacial surgery 口腔顎面外科
Betel Nut Culture 檳榔文化
Y Generation Y世代
precancerous lesion 癌前病變
Oral Cancer Screening 口腔黏膜檢查
oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) 口腔黏膜下纖維化〈口腔硬化症〉
Out of 10 Oral Cancer Patients, 9 are Betel Chewers 十個口腔癌,九個哺檳榔

Service description of the cancer control and prevention Divison

English Chinese
referral and follow-up service 轉介追蹤服務
Comprehensive Cancer Care Quality Improvement Project 全方位癌症防治策進計畫
cancer risk factors 癌症危險因子
Cancer Screening 癌症篩檢
The average increase of cancer screening rates 癌症篩檢率之平均增加值

Health care for patients with hepatitis B

English Chinese
Hepatitis B Carrier B型肝炎帶原者
liver cancer 肝癌
hepatitis B B型肝炎
HBsAg B型肝炎表面抗原
HBeAg B型肝炎e抗原
vertical transmission 垂直感染
chronic hepatitis 慢性肝炎
liver cirrhosis 肝硬化
liver cancer 肝癌
regular checkup 定期追蹤
HBV carrier without cirrhosis 無肝硬化
HBV carrier with signs of cirrhosis 有肝硬化
AFP 胎兒蛋白
smoking 抽菸
chewing betel nuts 嚼檳榔
drink alcohol 過量飲酒
artificial additives 人工添加
picked foods 醃漬
smoked foods 燻烤
aflatoxin 黃麴毒素
fermented foods 發酵食品
ingredients or remedies 藥物或偏方

Health care for patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

English Chinese
Chronic Hepatitis C 慢性C型肝炎
liver cancer 肝癌
hepatitis C C型肝炎
chronic 慢性
anti-HCV antibody C型肝炎抗體
region(s ) 地區
blood transmission 血液傳染
blood ttransfusion 輸血
nonsterile medical equipment 消毒不完全
sharing tattoo or piercing tools 器械(打針、刺青或穿耳洞的器械)
unprotected sex 性行為感染
vertical transmission (mother to child) 母子垂直感染
vaccine 疫苗
liver cirrhosis 肝硬化
progress 併發
regular checkups 定期追蹤檢查
AFP 胎兒蛋白
sonogram 超音波檢查
antiviral drugs 抗病毒藥物治療
HCV C型肝炎病毒
regular daily routines 正常生活作息
a healthy, balanced diet 均衡飲食
daily routines 生活作息
chewing betel quids 嚼檳榔
artificial additives 人工添加
preserved 醃漬
smoked foods 燻烤