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The first “Global Health Literacy Summit” Held in Taiwan – Health Announces Itself to the World

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Health literacy is one of the important factors influencing health outcomes and services, as well as an effective way to improve people’s health and reduce health inequality.
Taiwan won the honor to host the first “Global Health Literacy Summit”
When Vice President Lai delivered his opening speech, he expressed his hope that Taiwan and the world would have a voice in promoting health literacy!
The opening ceremony and the first day of the online conference were held on October 3,2021 at the International Conference Hall of Chengai Building, Chung Shan Medical University, and the online conference continued to be held simultaneously with the international conference from October 4 to 5. With the health literacy of all the people as its main axis, the summit focuses on:
1. Global policy for health literacy
2. Health literacy and health equality
3. Health and global sustainable development goals
4. The era of digitalization of health literacy and intelligence
5. Health literacy and COVID-19
This summit not only promoted health literacy and reduced the dissemination of misinformation, but also highlighted Taiwan’s medical achievements in promoting health literacy and health prevention and leading a new trend of international health cooperation.

More detail about Global Health Literacy Summit: