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Social change & the Family in Taiwan

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1. Introduction
2. Historical and Ethnographical Perspectives on the Chinese Family
3. The Social and Economic Transformation of Taiwan
4. Theoretical Mechanisms of Family Change
5. The Changing Organization of Individual Activities
6. From Arranged Marriage toward Love Match
7. Determinants of Historical Changes in Marital Arrangements, Dating, and Premarital Sexual Intimacy and Pregnancy
8. Trends in the Timing and Prevalence of Marriage
9. Determinants of Historical Changes in Marital Timing
10. Trends in Marital Dissolution
11. The Fertility Transition in Taiwan
12. Co-Residence and Other Ties Linking Couples and Their Parents
13. Determinants of Co-Residence in Extended Households
14. Weakening the Linkage between the Ancestors, the Living, and Future Generations
15. Continuity and Change

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